Need Money? We can help

Did you know most declined mortgage and loans are as a result of poor or incomplete application submissions as opposed to bad or insufficient credit or qualification reasons?

With nearly 20 years experience and insights in the brokerage and finance business, we have formalized a simple, step-by-step process by which you are essentially assured approval for your money needs – with less effort and time. We will help you prepare, package and present your mortgage or loan need to banks and lenders that can help.

If you have ever needed a mortgage or loan, you likely found the process time consuming, anxious and frustrating. It really doesn’t need to be that way.

Did you ever ask yourself questions like:

  • • Where do I start?
  • • Who can I trust?
  • • Can I qualify for what I need?

And once you do start with the process, there are other steps, questions, and frustrations, such as:

  • • How to best present your needs so you get approved
  • • Endless forms to complete and questions to answer over and over again to different banks or brokers
  • • How to make the right application to begin with
  • • Knowing the best options available for your borrowing needs
  • • And, knowing what to do next if you don’t qualify or meet the criteria of a bank or lender

The above realities combined inspired us to create solutions for these growing problems. To relieve clients of frustrations, wasted time, and lack of desired results.

Welcome to Bridge Capital. Our business is about simplifying an important aspect of your life – giving you access to money so you can do more.

"...service excellent...they really worked hard at it...THANKS!..."
Joni from Calgary

"...thank you very much for your assistance - I am happy with the outcome and will continue to recommend your services"
Char from Calgary

"Service was excellent. You definitely exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended you to other people"
Cameron from Red Deer

"...I would recommend your firm to others..."
Charles from High River

"...Overall the service was very good..."
Rasma from Calgary

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